1. Compo will start monday about 6pm est and end friday midnight est. I will say if the new songs are uploaded on the download page.
2. You cannot use any other samples other than whats in the sample pack, no outside modifications. Inside tracker modifications are welcomed but you cannot generate any samples in the tracker, you can only modify samples.
3. DO NOT  put any ID on your song. You can do that after the compo, because I will erase any ID on any of the entries.
4. The host (mainly me, Zan) will not particapate in the making of the songs. Amd will only tally votes and do all that upload crap and result junk. The  host will not be voting.
5. Entries must be either emailed to (write that down), or you can ICQ them to me at 8551062, just say your in the compo and I will authorize it. In the email you must tell me your tracker name, so I dont catch you voting on your songs ;) and so I can post with no problem; the results next monday.
6. You must delete all samples that are not used, that also means you DO NOT have to use all the samples to make your song.
7. Once the final songs are uploaded early saturday morning (prolly around 1 am est) voting begins. Last till sunday at midnight est.
8. You MUST vote on the songs. If you dont I will omit all votes towards your songs(other words, any votes it recieves will be cancled). Why? because I have to keep voting fair. Since you CANT vote on YOUR song it would unbalance the results. So you need to vote sometime within the weekend. This also means that anyone who doesn't enter CAN NOT vote.
9. Vote on how you believe the songs should be placed. Like which song should be 1st 2nd 3rd and so on. If we have over 10 entries then only vote on the top ten.
10. Email me( or ICQ (8551062) me your voting results, with your tracker name somewhere readable, and wait for the results to be posted the coming monday.
Now that you have read the ten comandments you are ready to download. :)