MCMC has a short simple voting process.

Email Zan with your votes.

If you have enterd the compo, you can not vote for your own song.

The email should contain your top 3 choices and a rating of creativity and arrangement.

Example: 1.(name of mod) C: 10 A:7

2. (name) C: 7 A: 6

3.(name) C: 5 A: 5

Rating System!

Allright, score mods on a scale 1-10 in creativeness and arrangement.

Creativity is worth more then arangement. So a mod with a creativity score of 6 and arangement score of 4, will beat a mod with C:5 A: 7. So the one with the most "C" goes in your 1 slot.

What do the words really mean!?

Rate them on a scale of 1-10.

Creativity: How unique it is, how it stands out from the rest.

Arangement: How well composed it is. Like are there messups? Is any place off tempo? Is it put together right? Does it flow?

This is how I will add up scores:

The C: number will be times by 2 and the A: number will be added to the creativity number.

Then the first place will times the total number of the C and A by 1.7 round up. Second place will time by 1.3 (round up) and third place will stay the same.

Then the numbers for each song will compile with the other emails and thr results will be posted at the end of the compo.