IRC servers in which to connect to the Z1HC:

/join #traxinspace
* recomended

Winner's MOD Archive.

(The wining mods of each week)

Winner's circle and past results.

What is it?

The Z1HC is an hour compo in which a sample pack is povided and you have one hour in which to compose a track. Everyone meets back in #traxinspace and the tune you made is sent to whoever is collecting them that night. They are uploaded and later voted on.
All formats are excepted as long as your tracker can read s3m formats in which the samples are saved as.
Any other questions please email Zan or ICQ him at 8551062, just tell him your interested in the compo.
Also the pack will contain various samples so have fun with them!

When is it?

Its at midnight Saturday (Sunday morning) EST (Eastern USA time)
11pm central time.
10 pm mountain time.
9 pm west coast time.
6 am in Denmark/Germany. (for all the early birds and insomniacs in Europe) ;)

What if I dont have IRC?

Visit and download the program mIRC. Its a small program and real easy to use.  Even Zan will help you out.

What's the reward?

The fact you can track a decent tune in a hour is something to be proud of, but if your still not satisfied with that, this page will soon hold a winners circle in which all the winners of the Z1HC are posted and links to their pages next to them.
You will also be offically able to post this gif somewhere your page:

Isn't it pretty? :)

This MOD COMPO site owned by Zan.
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