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The software below is what I believe to be exceptional MOD software.

(what you need to hear MODs with)

MikIT 1.00
A player that usually plays IT files exceptionally well.
it, xm, s3m, mod | ???k | Win95

MikIT 1.00b3
Havent tried it.
it, xm, s3m, mod | ???k | Linux

MikIT .07
Havent tried it.
it (uncompressed) | ???k | Power Mac

Modplug 1.39.01
An excellent player able to play the most formats, great interface. All around good player, does tend to give tracks loss in stero quality.
it, xm, s3m, mod, med | Win95

Yamp 3.2
A good all around player.
MIDI, RMI, MOD, S3M, XM, IT, AVI, MPA, MP1, MP2, and MP3 files | 2.035mb | Win95


(what you need to make MODs)

Impulse Tracker 2.14
The one I use, easy to handle, great quality mods able to be made. What more can I say?
* it, s3m/it, S3m, xm, mod | ???k | DOS

Modplug Tracker
In its beta stages it still holds some great qualities. Since it is win95 it is easy to use, and your able to run other programs around it with ease.
it, s3m, xm, mod | Win95

*makes/able to hear on it

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